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May 22, 2007



this whole thing is a big stupid publicity stunt

NONE of them used coupons

ask any couponer and 3 bucks a day is MORE than enough to get by

Shaunice Alston

I applaud you all! As an Americorps member, Food Stamps is a commodity that we are offered (but may not get) for our 10.5 month service. Each and every day we serve in the District and see the disparity that reaches so many...including ourselves. Money is hard to come by, food even harder. When hunger strikes, and you don't know when, it could get pretty detrimental. I'm sure there were times when the hunger hit each of you and you felt the need to submitt to drastic measures. And that alone can open anyones eyes.

There is a founding story 'Moccassins' that we use at City Year and thanks to you all...you know first hand what it means...

..."don't judge a man or woman until you have walked a mile in his or her shoes."

It speaks volumes to the things our elected representatives seek to change, but have not experienced. So again...THANK YOU for walking in your constituents shoes and being role models and advocates for change!

Nanine Bilski

Dear Congressman McGovern,

Thank you so much for your dramatic demonstration of how hard it is to live on food stamps. I hope all the publicity you have received brings public attention to how much hunger there is in America.

America the Beautiful Fund has 10 Tons of vegetable seed packets that could be distributed to people with their food stamps so they could grow their own fresh, nutritious food which is so expensive to buy. Please contact me if you can help us do that.

God Bless You for your commitment to ending hunger in America.

Nanine Bilski
America the Beautiful Fund

christy andrews

good. now take it one step further. try living as a displaced homeless person.


I just want to say that I thank you for taking part in this challenge. I have food stamps for my family of 5. If I mess up just once during the month then I am without food for a week as what is left I fix for my children. This happens during a month with a holiday or birthday in it. My dh does work however his money is spent on the bills. I would have liked to see more Congressmen take part in this challenge. Maybe you all should do it again as mandatory for all to take part in so that way everyone can "walk a day in my shoes".


Nanine, where would you suggest that food stamp recipients plant those seeds? Many rent apartments and therefore do not have land to garden.


Nanine, where would you suggest that food stamp recipients plant those seeds? Many rent apartments and therefore do not have land to garden.


Coupons can NOT make up the difference. I quit even looking at coupons since they were always for JUNK food, not real food.


Bravo, now maybe one of these fat-cats will actually try to do something about it.


I think they should all have to do it. Now try no insurance or what you get from the state as in Illinois. Not that you do not get it but like where I live you have to drive at least 1/2 an hour or more to a doctor that accepts it. No doctors out of our local hospital treat kids even if you pay for the insurance through the state. I doubt that the state employee's have that problem. We need to stop being nice guys with the illegal aliens and start taking care of the people we have here.

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