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June 07, 2007



I can easily see the attraction of fast food when living off of such a restricted budget. One of those dollar items, with added condiments, could easily provide close to enough caloric input to survive -- but, as you say, it is not horribly healthy. (and kudos to you for thinking of stocking up on packages of condiments to use in lieu of seasonings!)

It might be *slightly* easier if doing it for more than one week, because then you can buy frozen peas or dried beans or bulk oatmeal and stretch the money out some. One bad summer in my college years, half of my meals were provided by a 20lb bag of rice ($15), a gallon of soy sauce ($8), and five dozen of those "10 for $1" ramen packages. I would not want to live like that again.

Thanks for doing the challenge. It was very enlightening.

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