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June 08, 2007



You know...so many people nowadays believe they're entitled to this and that... tv, phone, internet, acrylic nails, lipstick, etc etc... My husband and I make about 700$ under the poverty line for my area... but we still manage to save 400$ a month pretty much every month.... we have 3 children, who are 5, 4 and 2... we eat very well... fruits and veggies every day..meat 3 times a week... fish once a week...

I cook most of our food from scratch. I make most of our bread, we drink powdered milk, and I cook in double or triple batches. Why should I make 2 loaves of bread when I can make 6 at once and freeze 4? It takes the same amount of time, it just saves me time down the line...

For our family of 5, we spend about 50$ a week on regular food.

Yes, we get some produce out of the discount bin. We get decent quality of meat - but we are very portion consciencous... no 10 ounce steaks for us. If we have steak, we have 3 or 4 ounces.

I do grow some veggies in our back yard... mostly tomatoes and potatoes... but we get cukes and zukes too. What I found was really helpful, was that when we buy in season stuff, I buy lots of it, and I can some. I make fruit preserves, applesauce, you name it, I've probably made it. When I make soup or stews, I can the extra.

Living on only a few dollars a day is much easier said than done... and it's very hard to imagine without actually having done it. Kudos to you and yours for doing this and getting a real persoective on how the real people live.

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