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June 07, 2007



The biggest concern to our society is their health. Why can't healthy, fresh commodities be dipursed rather than allowing the recipients to make unhealthy choices. If they are truly hungry, they will be joyed to recieve fresh fruits and veggies. Quality meats and grains.

Some other ideas:
Increase the food stamp amount, but require a percentage of it to be used only for raw, unmanufactured products.
Provide incentives or subsidies to the farmer's markets so they can sell their products to everyone at a price that encourages all people to buy their healthy products.
Incooperate the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program available in some schools - to all schools.
Look at the "SHARE" program we have available in some Iowa communities and work with them to distribute groceries to anyone in need.


I am disabled Single mom of two sons. I struggle this way daily. You all done it for what a week? I have several issues I am faced with.
1 Summer. Yes Summer I Dread seeing it come. While I love spending time with the boys. It is harder to fed them in the summer. I have to provide breakfast lunch dinner and snack. In Winter the schools are a HUGE help in giving two of those meals. I am able to make my 250.00 a month go a lot further.

2 fresh fruits and vegetables. Our only option is to buy at a grocery store. The fruits and veggies there need so much added to give them any taste now days that you may as well but canned. What I would not do to be able to go to our local Farmers markets and use food stamps. The peaches are so ripe juicy and sweet and have NO added sugar or anything to give them taste. It all comes naturally. It is no wonder many of us on food stamps are over weight we have to buy so many bad choices to make it work.

I would give anything to get just a little more added with the above issues given a little attention.

I also wish there was some attention given to those of us who are Not able to work. We are put through the same demands as those who are able to work but decide not to do it.

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