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May 23, 2007



There are all sorts of governmental shortcomings that infuriate me, but I try not to think about food stamps.

I am disabled and homebound, and so despite my eligibility otherwise, I cannot get food stamps for a simple reason: it's a requirement that the recipient must apply in person. Since I'm too weak to leave the house, food stamps aren't something I can even consider. Disability payments from Social Security aren't a livable amount, so I'm an adult who has to be dependent on retired parents.

I admire what you've done in living this problem so you can understand it better--the food stamp program is inadequate, and with the way food is priced, it's extremely difficult to get reasonable nutrition when on a budget, much less THAT much of a budget.

Thank you for speaking out for those that aren't so fortunate. Disability and the resultant poverty can happen to anyone--the people needing these sort of programs are much more varied than one would think.

aileen maenza

My daughter was disabled about 8 months ago and as a single mother that struggled raising two kid and never had any benefits food stamps, daycare vouchers etc.. So when my daughter was disabled at the age of 20 to help her I became her advocate and found myself becoming a self educated social worker. I was humiliated going to social services signing up for benefits for my daughter, I could tell you some stories about this experience. Prior to being declared disabled by Social Security Food Stamps gave her $150.00 per month and I paid all her other bills along with the help of other family members. We assumed when my daughter was approved for $638 per month in disability and plus the food stamps $150 per month she would be ok we would pick up the slack in other areas. Much to my surprise and shock we got a letter stating since she has been approved for disability her food stamps would be going to $10.00 monthly. Yes that is right $10.00 I am shocked, and ashamed that this great nation I served as a soldier, my daughters father a retired Green Beret and taxpayers find we defended a nation that does not take care of its disabled! I can buy my daughters food and other stuff she may need but what about the disabled citizen that is alone in this world. I can only imagine what it costs to process $10.00 per month in food stamps. I also tried to contact my daughters state senator T. Kennedy to voice my concerns and his office did not return my calls and on one occasion told me Food Stamps are not Federal go to her state representative Roseberg and I did. You will never imagine what it is to be a parent of a child that becomes disabled the pain is horrific and when you need help you think, "I have paid my taxes" my government will help. Many times I have sat back and judged people on welfare and food stamps and I can not imagine anyone wanting to be a part of these programs. If I could only describe my pain, and if there is anything I could do to help you with the fight to increase food stamps. I am right there


My daughter is a single mom of 3 children under 12. Her children do not live with her temporarely not due to circumstances caused by her. Due to extreme stress(death of her father, death of one of her children's father, and other things) she has become mentally ill. 3 admissions to a hospital in a 6 weeks time frame. Expenses occuring due to her illness is not covered du e to lack of insurance and that inbelievably public aid is denying her any kind of benefits including food stamps. Their reasons are, her children are not living with her (who would want that at this time), she is also receiving $1350 a month as SSI survivor benefits for one of the children. She is required to only spend that money on that particular child and has to save receipts to prove that she does. That amount of money disqualifies her from getting any assistance. She is also unable to work and has not applied for disbility yet as this illness is ongoing and very new (several months now).She would definately be homeless at the young age of 29 if she did not have people around her that loved her and helped her out to their best of their abilities.
It is hard to believe that this is happening in this country. It is shameful.


i agree, my family was too proud growing up to ask
for help, so we did go to bed hungry sometimes... but
i think a valid point - is this - if you have to pass
a drug test for a job - you should also have to pass
a drug test for any type of gov. assistance program.
Especially foodstamps. Sometimes people still go
hungry - even if their parents or spouses are
getting assistance - it never makes it home.

Victor Bobier

I get SSI as I'm physically & mentally disabled and My income is very low, I would love to receive Food Stamps as My last few electric bills where I live were fairly high during the summer, They varied between $208.28 and $278.80, In less than two weeks I'm going to get My electric bill for September to be paid with My space rent($215), water($10) and gas($19? as gas varies some $14-$19 a month) to the mobilehome park where I live in October, I own My own mobilehome too as I'm a resident here and I'm not a renter as this is the least expensive way I can live. Currently since I get SSI I'm denied Food Stamps since SSA says California give Me money in lieu of food stamps and from what I've read that was discontinued as of 1994, All California gives now is the SSP payment that goes with My SSI payment, But the Social Security Administration still denies Food Stamps to those in California for no reason. I've have asked My congressional Representative Howard "Buck" McKeon to support H.R. 2129 and now I've found there is a bill in the Senate called S. 1529(See the Link Below).


S. 1529
H.R. 2129

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