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May 24, 2007


Prajit S Nair

Dear Sir,
Nice to read your experience. We all know about it but we never put it in action. People like you can create an impact and can really force people to think over it. It's very important to create awareness about it. We all support this noble cause and extend our full support to it.

With Warm Wishes


Thanks for participating in the challenge.

I find experiences such as this challenging, as they require a total rethinking of life strategies not just a scaling of my situation.

Just for grins. I think the following would provide eats on $21 a week of lowest cost generic everything:
1 gallon milk,
1 gallon orange juice,
1 bag flour,
1 dozen eggs,
1 pound rice,
1 pound dried beans,
1 box cereal,
1 bunch bananas,
1 pound frozen peas,
1 jar peanut butter,
1 jar jam,
1 tub margerine,
1 jar freeze-dried coffee,
salt, pepper, sugar, baking powder on hand,
no fresh meat, no fresh vegetables, no desserts, no snacks,

Imagine that diet every week, every year...

Thanks for your good work...

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