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May 23, 2007


Patricia  H

Please count among the 'lazy slackards' persons like me who worked 45 years 10-12 hour days, through two cancers (Hodgkins and Thyroid) and a major stroke. I did not need food stamps until medical bills wiped out my salary, my savings and my IRA. Now I am weak, nearly sixty and in need of both disability and food stamps. Unlike the national average of $1.05, I receive $0.93 per day to assist with food.

aimee alaine

California recently launched a campaign, "Champions for Change" where mothers work hard to communicate to their families 3 keys for healthy living:
1. Eat more fruits and vegetables
2. Get 30 minutes of exercise each day
3. Speak up for healthy changes

My hope is that there is some understanding that the decision to purchase fruits and vegetables is not just about education, it is about financial limitation. With gas at $3.59/gallon here in Indiana, our family has made different choices because of our limitations. Although we have not needed food stamps for our family, we regularly reflect on the impossible equation for most families striving to do the things "they know" to do. This challenge has led many people to reflect on the impact of poverty - and I offer, the impact of every day living is hitting those in poverty, those in the middle class, those who are the working poor, those who have degrees and are still paying for them.... and my point is - the list continues.

michael martin

i hope that pepole understand what we people that live on food stamps understand how hard it really is

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Lets fight hunger. With or without food stamps, lets not depend on the government at all times, lets all work hard to have a decent meal at our tables.. for our children and their future...


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