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May 17, 2007


Crystal Bailly

I have to say I am very pleased that some of you are doing this. Amazing really. As a single parent with 4 children and a full-time student myself I can relate to the issues of food stamps. For my family we average out to $4 per day per person. As the kids get older and summer approaches with them here all day instead of gone my concern will be how to feed us all healthy meals on that kind of budget. Fruits and fresh veggies can get expensive and meats as well as I am sure you have noticed.

There are many issues in this country and many things need to change. I am proud of YOU few for living in the reality of much of this country even if just for a few days.


This has been the main suggestion from my friends and site commenters regarding this project; they assume abuse. I admit, I have seen abuses of the system as well but mostly I have fed a family on a similarly tight budget without gov't assistance, junk food, or fake foods. I know it's hard. My heartfelt thanks to you and the other participants daring to walk a mile in another's shoes.

Michael Mather

I have always thought that the stinginess in the food stamp program is one of the most insane actions I have seem. The ultimate welfare recipients are agribusiness corporation like ADM, General Mills, Kraft, Grocery Chains, Equipment Mfrs (John Deere, Ford Tough Trucks) Welfare hatin' Farmers etc). The profits generated by selling to food stamp users goes directly back to corporate America not the stamp user. The food stamp recipient is quite literally a pass through mechanism for the corporate giants. PS I have never recieved stamps but know people that do.

Krista DelGallo

Thank you for your words to combat the absurdly false notion of people eating large and rampantly defrauding the Food Stamp program. It is commendable to see public officials truly attempt to experience or at least more accurately conceptualize the hardship that poor families in America face. I am certain that better and more humane public policy would be made if more officials took such a challenge.


I work at a Winn-Dixie surrounded by the poor, dependent on food stamps and WIC for survival. WIC and FS make up a huge portion of our sales. My biggest issue is when I compare the prices of produce, frozen or fresh, to that of a more affluent Publix several blocks down the street and thus out of reach for those without a car. On days without the "big sales", the produce is at least twice as expensive at W/D. For example, a single ear of corn can ring up for almost $1.50. The sales merely bring W/D's prices in line, though still higher, with other stores in the area. Poor people, however, have no choice but to shop at the store they can walk to.

I'd also love to see soda and chips as well as candy and cakes removed from the FS list. I've seen $200 FS orders with nearly half of that in soda, chips, and Little Debbie cakes. They afforded this because they bought an entire month's worth of ramen and sardines. I don't believe that pattern of spending follows the program's intent and robs the children of a potentially nutritious meal.


I have asked the produce manager to let me buy the box of produce that has been pulled from the shelves as unsaleable.
A lot of it is still good,but may be bruised or slightly over ripe.

A point that needs to be explined is that a lot of poor people and people on foodstamps may look like they are eating well because they are overweight, but that weight is caused by the large portions of starches used in place of (expensive) fruits and vegetables, and causes unhealthy weight gain.
Some inexpensive foods have almost doubled in price due to high fuel prices causing shipping pices to soar.
Mac and cheese, rice, and top romin are staples in every household.
People have recieved Thanksgiving and/or Christmas Dinner baskets, which are ALWAYS greatly appreciated, but sadly many have mac and cheese or other inexpensive foods the poor are forced to eat all year, where fresh or canned yams, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, celery, any number of holiday foods can help create a meal that looks and tastes like a special holiday dinner.

Cindy Ratcliffe

I am very proud to find there is at least a couple of people in government who actually realize they are for the people. My room mate and I are both disabled. We get the absolute minimum in social security and ssi. We do get some assistance for our apartment but since we were trying to save money and help each other by living together, we are penalized by the housing program. Therefore we get less assistance than if we lived separate. We are only room mates, not married. I receive 41 dollars in food stamps, for a MONTH and he receives 32 for a MONTH. We depend on government comondities (which has been reduced several times) and the food pantry. When either of us is too sick to go get the food, we just don't get it. Where I live does not have adequate public transportation for you have to have a car. The price of gas has went up, so the price of food has gone up. I would not have a car if my son had not purchased it for me. Seems, every way you turn, the prices are going up but the social security, and food stamps doesn't. While food stamps are supposed to be a supplement, it has to be used as more than that due to the other costs (gas, required insurance, medication etc). Another major problem is if we were to have to spend a lot of our health and short the utilities, that would get them turned off, which would kick us out of our apartment, as the assistance for the apartment is based also on having the utilities on.
I would be great if you can help fix some of this. Thank you very much for your courage!!
Cynthia Ratcliffe


This program is insane I work at a grocery store and have seen many examples of government help abuse. Like people driving a new car and still on aid, or getting over 2500 and saying they find it hard to spend it all, or cashing out there cash aid and buying tobacco. This is out of controle. I have to deal with people all day complaining about the prices of things that theyre paying for out of my paycheck, and get disrespected by these people. I think they need to have there spending and income watched stricly or something because this is out of control.


I lost my job a month ago. I have never been on food stamps. I live in an overpriced apartment (1050 sq feet-949.00) and I am a single parent. Before my job loss, it was a struggle and things were at times paid late to insure my kids had food.

I finally broke down and got food stamps. They have made a difference in mine and my children's lives. Before them, good nutritious fruits were a treat. A homecooked meal was unheard of, my kids usually ate mac and cheese and top ramen with eggs in it for protein.

I am living proof that it does help some people. I am also living proof that nutritious food can be purchased on it. Eating healty is a choice.

I am returning to school to become a nurse. My kids and I will not starve during my education thanks to this program. The remarkable thing is that as a working member of society.. they did.

I ask you to tell me what is wrong with this? Why are the working class starving? It makes no sense.


if you have any doubt about food stamp fraud,come to rhode island,where store owners,are selling gas and cigarettes ,for food stamps,but you also have to buy some high priced items first,like a bar of soap for $5.00 or a jar of salsa sause for $6.00,of course i don't mean every store is doing it,but in the smallest state,its not hard to find one that does.


My wife is skinny. She is 5'4" and weighs 90-95 lbs. She isn't
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I would like to have a set meal plan for her along with other safe
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