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September 18, 2007


Jocelyn Gallant

The Earn Income Means Testing for Public Assistance such as Food Stamp ,Assistance, SSI, SSDI, should be replace with a buy-in-program for recipients can keep all their benefits. Without being penalized.
Barriers to employment still exist today against hiring persons with disabilities is not just persons with disabilities, welfare recipient as well still face employment barriers today.Because employers thinks it
cost too much, to insured them.

There is too, disincentive to work and wants to work and have savings account's, save for their future there are at risk losing food stamp, cash assistance, SSI, SSDI, benefits. He or she should not be penalized for trying to better his or her self being successful in their own communities.
There is a need for this change to happen that will enable recipients and persons with disabilities, senior citizens who is on fixed income to live comparable to live.
They risk losing Food Stamp, Cash Assistance, SSI, SSDI, Benefit if they go to work, and wants to work, having savings accounts and wants to save for their future.
Thank you for your attention in this matter.

Jocelyn Gallant
Salem, New Hampshire

Jocelyn Gallant

Why Congress does not consider a buy-in-program in the food stamp/cash assistance program?

How can we work with Congress to the earned income means testing should be replace with a buy-in-program in the food stamp program/cash assistance program rather being penalized.

Food stamp shell not be countable as income in this country. The Food Stamp Federal Poverty is outdated that needs to be reform, Food Stamp should be very american not just the very few. This law needs to be changed today not 20 years from now.

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It was excellent read That the national average for food stamp benefits. Ellison and others will announce a week long "Food Stamp Challenge." One of the goals is to raise the minimum food stamp benefit.

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