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October 26, 2007


Carl Strohmeyer

Not only is the amount allotted to may unreasonable, what is worse is that many (such as myself who should qualify do NOT based on accounting methods that word turn an accounting instructor blue!

This line: “Food banks around the country provide anecdotal reports that their client load increases at the end of each food stamp period, according to Vollinger.”That would suggest that while it's true that the program was designed to be a supplement, people don't have enough resources," she said. Furthermore, far more people are eligible for benefits than those that receive them.” Is highly inaccurate IMO as many cannot qualify and what is worse is Politicians go around on feel good missions such as this without a lick of compassion to what their constituents need. A good example is Gregg Walden my local Congressmen from Oregon who’s office was blatantly un compassionate and VERY condescending in my conversation with them (they have yet to return any further mail in over two weeks)

The food stamps program needs to fixed first on more basic levels if this program can ever be considered anything beyond the failure it currently is.
As it currently is administered in Oregon, you have no hope of qualifying if you are an honest self employed person who has fallen on hard times (as I have due to family issues).
The system only allows a 50% deduction for cost of goods AND expenses which of coarse is not real world (except for maybe the Mob)
Currently my family is denied ANY State or Federal benefit whatsoever other than the Earned Income Tax Credit (for which I am thankful for) with an income of $1500 per month take home with a family of 5 and a house payment of $1200 per month (we have gone through all savings and are now living off credit cards)


David Aitken

You should try eating for a month on food stamps like this couple did: http://www.freecolorado.com/2007/08/challenge.html. Looks like they ate well, and had money left over, which means that it's not that food stamps pays too little, but that people make poor choices.


Yeah David, I guess it's great when you can get in the ol' SUV and drive to a warehouse market that will let you buy in bulk with food stamps rather than have to walk to the corner store like us po' trash do.

Lauren Harrington

It is so unbelievable to me that we can let people in our country starve but we are more than willing to keep sending money to countries that dont like us.

Josh Neumann

I feel sorry for you-just $21 a week in free money while the rest of the population actually has to work for their food, along with supporting your free meals. Can't you get a bigger welfare check?

Judie Serode

I know this is post is from last year but I just found it. My daughter and her two year old daughter lives on $95 per month on food stamps. Before you start judging her, she is on SSI because my daugther was born with some problems and she tried to live a normal life as much as possible. Even married and had a child. But with the problems she had, she is now a single mom. She is doing the best she can, and I try to help as much as possible, but it is not buying food for two people on $95 per month (which equals $23.75 per week). Her SSI check helps pay her rent (which is partially reduced but not fully as her apartment complex owner is no longer particpating in the UDSA program); her electric and water and anything she can't buy with the food stamps such as diapers, etc. Yes she does receive minimal help from the father.

My mother, who at 70 years old still has to work, just found out the job she had closed down and she is trying to survive on her social security to pay her bills which by the way does not pay them. She has been struggling for a while and the job closure was just two weeks ago. She did apply and is getting $20 per week or about $80 per month but she says she can eat off of that. What does she do? This is no fault of hers - maybe it is because she should have planned her retirement but she has been on her own since 1979 when she left an abusive marriage (my father). I only share these personal stories so people will see and know that there are legitimate people who need help!

Pamela Lider

Unlike your news commentator, most people know not to buy oatmeal in individual serving packets. Buy an 18 oz. container for about $1.99 (often less on sale and many times "two for one"), measure it yourself and save $$! Shop around: A 10 lb. package of chicken quarters (legs/thighs) sold for $4.98 in Super WalMart yesterday. That's a lot of protein! Times are hard for many people. Being a wise consumer is imperative now more than ever.

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R Becklund

This is a really interesting challenge. Obviously, the snide comment above is by someone who is clueless to what some people have to face. I deliver Meals on Wheels and see how hard it is for some people to just get their basic necessatities met. Thanks for the information.

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