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October 09, 2007



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It is no wonder America is the fattest its ever been. If you have to be on food stamps, the healthy options are out of your reach. The gov't tells you to eat better, but their own program won't allow it. It is amazing people can survive with on $21 a week...crazy!

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Can't figure out how they become healthy on that kind of food.This is informative post.


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I think much better is to eat right don't eat fatty food and work out to burn your fats,..

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Health problems are a likely result of the food stamp diet because the cheapest foods are carbs, bread, tortillas, crackers, rice, beans, ramen and noodles. It's easy to see why type 2 diabetes is an epidemic in America. No longer is it called adult onset diabetes because it affects so many children.

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Good post...very true said in the article"not all poor, diabetic, and overweight people make wise food choices, but for the poor, wise choices aren't as available."

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It's been more than 10 years since any money has been added to the Food Stamp Program, and it is not indexed for inflation.


Food Stamp Program must mandate healthy diet access to ensure the the effectiveness of the program.

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Contact our state's U.S. senators, Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein, to urge their support both of increasing money for the Food Stamp Program and of indexing it for inflation.

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Diet challenge was an unhealthy exercise.Very nice article posted...Like to read more from your side.

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Not surprised it is unhealthy. I'm sure that once the challange was finished it was soon back to healthy ways..

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May have complained about it being unhealthy but it was healthy to see a politician going through it.

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from what i gather, the Food Stamp Program doesnt get the funding it needs :-(

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Yeah, it's easy to see why type 2 diabetes is an epidemic in America.

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